Photography for Small Business Owners in North and East Yorkshire

small business photography

Do you have a small business you love and are building step by step with passion and sweat?Do you ever feel you work incredibly hard but don’t get to reach the right clients for your business? Well, this post is for YOU!

Over the last few years, I’ve got to know a few amazing business owners and as one myself I know your struggles!

  • The struggle to make our business visible 
  • To make that Instagram grid look good everyday!
  • To display and style our products so they look their very best 
  • To show who we are and why we do it through our website and social media 

The Offer

No matter how tiny your business is! Whether you’re an independent shop owner, working from home baker, or a mumpreneurI want to give you the opportunity to tell your story and showcase your business with beautiful images for your social media and website.

This is a special temporary initiative limited to 100 spaces only. A mini tailored photography session for a massively reduced price of £100 only.

What you get when you join ‘The £100 Showcase’

  • A one hour photo session in and around York/Selby/Hull, at your studio/shop/home or favourite place to showcase your brand identity.
  • The session will be tailored to your needs and those of your clients
  • Between 20-40 beautiful images of you, your story, your products available in high res for you to share on your website and social media
  • A private online gallery to download the images safely and quickly
  • Licence to use your images in your business marketing materials 
  • I will also write a blog about our session and photoshoot so the world can hear more about you!
Make up artist portfolio shoot

Terms & Conditions

As this offer is much lower than my usual prices and as a small business initiative, there are a few conditions:

Small business owner
  • Your business must have 5 employees or less.
  • Your photo shoot has to take place within an hour of Howden or around it and it will be a lifestyle (I don’t do any studio stuff!), relaxed and personal just like your business.
  • You agree to tag me/mention me in at least one post on your social media and blog post.
  • You allow me to use the photos for marketing purposes.

Hurry up ‘The £100 Showcase’ is limited to 100 people only!

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