Meet Bhavna

Hello awesome people who have come to this little world of mine on the web of wonders!

I'm Bhavna, a.k.a Bhav, Bee, B, whatever is easy for you. I'm a documentary wedding photographer who lives in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside with my best friend and Husband Tom, our beautiful son Toby and a lot of gnomes and pixies.

I'm a happy hippy kinda person who loves:

A good cuppa | Bollywood | Gulab Jamuns | My Mum's biryani | Flletwood Mac | F1 racing | My Husband and our son Toby | Bill Murray | Labryinth | Bhangra | Chips | My Family | Africa | Dancing | Mangos | My engagement ring | Bowie | Big belly laughs | Batetawada | Gods must be crazy | Camp fires | The Taj Mahal | Dishoom London | Yoga | Tanzanite | A good party

I come from a large extended Gujarati family in Tanzania, where we're all full of mischief - so if you're having a big fat Indian wedding, I'll feel right at home. Or as they say in Dar-es-Salaam, hakuna matata, as I totally love weddings that are full of happy chaos, lots of dhamaal and masti, the type of wedding celebrations that Indian weddings are all about!

Love, warmth and happiness that shines through your images is what I am to provide.

My work takes me around the world to cover weddings of all types. I have travelled to Tanzania including Zanzibar, Kenya including Mombasa and Nairobi, France, Italy, Canada and Ireland for weddings in recent times. 

So if you'e looking for a photographer with personality, who will join in with the balle balle, the gidha and the garba, who will probably shed a tear when you walk down the aisal, who loves masala chai, gulab jamuns (yummy) and all things Bollywood... Call me and let's have a cuppa chaa together to talk about your beautiful Indian (or non-Indian) wedding plans!


A Few of my Favorite Things