5 Reasons Why You Cannot Get Married Without A Wedding Planner 

5 Reasons Why You Cannot Get Married Without A Wedding Planner 

5 Reasons Why You Cannot Get Married Without A Wedding Planner 

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Ask any ex-bride and she’ll probably tell you that planning her wedding felt like a full-time job.  Chances are she either had a mini (or major) breakdown at one point, felt like quitting her job or had no idea what she was doing. If you’re currently going through the process yourself, then trust us when we say that feeling any of the above is normal, which is why so many couples are opting to hire themselves a wedding planner. Here are 5 reasons why you cannot get married without a wedding planner…

Hiring a wedding planner is no longer seen as a luxury like it once was. It is now arguably a necessity. But, if you’re wondering whether or not it’s worth investing a couple of thousand pounds in a planner, then have a read below:

  1. Ensure you stick to your budget
    When couples tell us they don’t have a budget, we tell them they need to go back to the drawing board as they absolutely need to set a budget. Whether it’s £20k, £50k or £200k everyone needs a financial guide or else planning an event will be impossible. A good planner will ensure you do not exceed your budget or overspend unnecessarily, but will still make sure your event is executed as per your vision.
  2. Ask all the right questions
    With so many different suppliers to liaise with it can be easy to miss some important questions. All of our couples are given a useful wedding confirmation pack upon booking which contains a list of possible questions for all suppliers to ensure that nothing is ever missed. Timings, floorplans, and other logistical details all need to be cross checked not just once, but multiple times to ensure there are no hiccups on the day.
  3. Give you invaluable advice
    We’ve seen it time and time again where a supplier will advise a couple based on what will be easiest for him and her. Though there’s nothing wrong with this if it’s not detrimental to the event, you need someone with experience, fighting your corner, to ensure you receive the best deal and best service possible on the day. Your planner will know who to steer clear of and who will do an ace job.
  4. Keep things stress-free on the day
    No matter how organised you are and how much pre-planning you may have done, you will be preoccupied on the day of the wedding and will therefore be unavailable to deal with any problems if they arise. Most brides and grooms feel relieved when they hire a planner because it means that they can fully enjoy the day and not worry about a thing – aside from ensuring they remember their moves for the first dance of course! When you’ve spendt thousands and thousands of pounds on your wedding, why take the risk of having things mess up on the day by not hiring a planner?
  5. Feel the love
    A lot of couples make the mistake of not being able to take time out for themselves during the wedding planning process. It literally consumes their entire lives and becomes their only topic of conversation. Sure, this is fine if they actually love wedding planning, but chances are they do not. Hiring a planner will ensure that you focus on keeping the romance alive and enjoy your time together, while your planner takes care of the boring and stressful bits.

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