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Planning a spring wedding

Spring is such a beautiful time in the UK; filled with bright green leaves and freshly blossomed flowers, against the pale blue backdrop. Planning a spring wedding during this picturesque scene is probably why spring weddings are becoming increasingly popular. Summer is typically the most the popular time of year to wed, but recent trends have shown March to May have kicked summer from the top spot.

While it’s only a season away, planning a spring wedding is actually quite different from a summer wedding. There are different things to consider and different options available – here’s a rundown of our top priorities to get you springing (get it) to the big day!


It might be stating the obvious, but the weather is one of the biggest considerations when planning a spring wedding. You can expect sunshine in summer and that it’ll be overcast in winter – spring is less predictable.

With this in mind, it’s important to plan for every eventuality, without limiting yourself. You’ll still want to make the most of the sunshine and gorgeous spring scenery so and indoor wedding would mean you’ll miss out. But you also want to be able to have shelter from the elements. There are many venues that offer both – try to find somewhere with an indoor room a well as grounds or a patio area. But make sure you carry your styling from inside to out so your pictures have continuity.

If you want outdoors to be the main focus, for example an outdoor ceremony, have an indoor alternative with a wet weather plan so alterations can be made easily. This would be a good time to use some extra pair of hands on the day to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Spring evenings do tend to be a lot cooler than those in summer – even if it’s a blisteringly sunny day, the evening will still be a lot colder than the day so plan for that by adding a bolero or light jacket to your dress – or even consider sleeves.

Rain + outside = mud. Times that by a white dress and we’ve got a bad situation. If you want to be able to explore outside and are at risk of getting muddy, think about getting a shorter dress, voiding white or even airing your dress with a cute set of bridal wellies.


If youre planning a wedding in early spring, it’s important to remember that it begins getting dark at around 6pm. For weddings around March, consider starting your wedding a little earlier so you can make the most of natural sunlight for photographs.

Flower options

One of my favourite things about spring is the blossoming flowers. It’s a delight to walk through the park and see them come to life. If you choose to have flowers feature heavily at your Spring wedding then you’re in luck as some of the most beautiful flowers are at their best in spring. Daffodils, peonies, tulips and hyacinth to name a few make a stunning addition to any wedding scene.

When you think wedding flower, your mind automatically goes to the bouquet, but flowers can be used in many ways to style your wedding to bring the spring theme through. For example, laid delicately over the cake, as a hair accessory and as centre pieces.


Spring theme doesn’t only mean colours and flowers – you can inject spring into your wedding using flavours. Injecting citrus or any fruity flavour gives the feeling of fresh spring. Try lemon flavouring in the cake, or elderflower in the prosecco for a fruity twist that really evokes the feeling of spring.

Your meal can reflect the spring vibe too – plenty of fresh green vegetables, salads or even lamb are all very spring-like meals.

These are just some of the ways to prepare for a spring wedding to help make planning your wedding less stressful.

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